Looking for a quality bulk meat supplier?

A bulk meat purchase is a way of getting your meat cheaper and also provides variety that helps you work on those different types of meals you want to put on the table. Everyone is looking at the cooking shows (Iron Chef, MasterChef, Huey's Cooking Adventures, etc ) and seeing that they can make wonderful dishes with various cuts of meat.

So quality bulk meat is what you want? Talk to your butcher or pop him an email to discuss what you are looking for and how you want your meat cut. When looking for a bulk meat supplier, you want someone who listens to your requirements and works with you to portion the final product for your use.

Hind Quarter pre Slicing

A bulk meat supplier should be able to deliver to your door a quarter or side of the type of meat (beef, pork, lamb, goat) you would like. Your delivery will come already mostly packed for immediate placement in your freezer. The smaller type items (sliced bacon, etc) will require you to have on hand some freezer bags to divide them up into the portions you will need, when you take them out to make your recipe.

Hind Quarter Sliced

A butcher who cares about what they are providing will listen to their customers and seek to find suppliers who provide quality carcasses for conversion into the products that are delivered to your door.

You should be able to place your order by phone or email to make sure that your supplier meets the requirements that you have.

So what to look for when buying quality bulk Meat? A bulk meat supplier:

  • who listens to your requirements
  • works with you to portion the final product for your use
  • delivers to your door
  • pre packs most of the product for immediate placement in your freezer
  • provides a consistent quality of product
  • who cares about the end product
  • whom you can order from by phone, in-store or email




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