Can you put a meal on the table in 25 minutes? I know you can...!

(Note: All meat times are for fairly well done, yet tender and juicy results – may occasionally have pink or red near the bone depending on thickness of steak and your grill/stove temperatures.)

The night before take out your selection of meat from the freezer and put it in a container in the fridge to defrost, this allows the meat to reach a defrosted and usable state without significant risk of possible germ growth. For this article we have selected some T-Bones which are a nice thickness ¾” - 1”. As soon as you arrive home turn on the griller to high and remove the grill. (For our grill we put paper towel in the bottom of the grill and alfoil on top with some holes punched between the rails, using a small knife tip, makes ctext-italic a quick process later). Grab your defrosted T-bones from the fridge and place them on the prepared grill. Season both sides to taste (pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, oregano, capsicum powder).

T-bone Steak Veggies T-bone Meal

The griller should now be up to temperature, pop the grill into the griller (about 65mm below the element, this allows for meat curl) and set a timer using your microwave or the stove for 22 minutes. Now place a steamer pot on the stove with water in the bottom and turn on the heat (full for our electric stove), the water should get to be boiling good quantities of steam up through the steamer and out the hole at the top. Be sure to have enough water in the pot. Grab some small potatoes or large ones. For the small potatoes wash thoroughly and pop into the steamer, for the large, peel chop to right size, wash and pop into the steamer(potatoes need about 20 mins). Now grab the next vegetable you are going to cook the longest and prepare it, thus even though the timer is already ticking you are putting the veggies into the steamer in the order of the time they need cooking. How about a bit of pumpkin (Qld Blue 12 mins, Butternut or Jap 8 mins), some beans (8 mins), a cob of corn (5 mins) and some sprigs of broccoli (4½ mins).

You could also use cauliflower (12 mins), brussel sprouts (10 mins), yellow squash (Small uncut 8 mins, larger cut 6 mins), zucchini (6 mins), snow peas (4 mins), asparagus spears (6 mins), carrot sticks (10 mins), peas (sweet in pod or out of pod 4 mins).

As you work your way along remember to turn your T-bone at the 11 minute mark. (Remember if you turn the meat more than once you can end up making it tough, this goes for frying, BBQ etc.) This timing cooks the meat to mostly well done, can be a little red near the bone depending on thickness and your grills temperature. Adjust to suit.

When the timer goes off just serve and eat.


Meat times: (remember only turn meat once, unless sausages or skewers)

  • Grilled (high heat)
    • Pork Forequarter chops (rind on) 22 mins (keep a gap between the chops and the rinds inwards, this way the most heat gets to the rinds and quiet often you end up with crackling).
    • Beef Y-Bone steak 22 mins as this meat is a stronger meat, examine how the cooking is going and extend the first side time until the meat is a nicely browned not wet looking colour.
    • Lamb Forequarter chops 20-22 mins depending on thickness and how well done you want your lamb.
  • Fried (medium heat)
    • Sausages 18 mins (Turn as needed to keep from burning and to cook right through).
    • Rib fillet steak 8 mins (for a medium rare steak turn at 4 mins and only cook for a further 2 mins, for well done you may need to cook a bit longer on the second side).



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