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Chicken Lasagne

chicken lasagneWe have a large range of Heat n Eat foods. Come in and try our fresh chicken lasagne!

Fresh Pies

fresh piesThey've just come out of the oven!. Come in and try our fresh tasty pies!

Pork Fillet Roasts

pork fillet roastsCome in and try our new sun dried tomato, fetta and basil pesto pork fillets.

Hi and welcome to the Dicky Beach Family Meats website. We are currently constructing our site over the next few months as we detrmine the best way to provide you with a listing of the many products that we stock.

The above 3 pictures are examples of our "Heat n Eat" range. We also stock various lines of, Flavoured Ready to Cook meats and to add the additional flair to your meals, we also have pancetta, prosciutto, and various salamis.


tasty pancettaHave a look at our smallgoods range - tasty pancetta!


lovely proscuittoWe've just sliced some lovely proscuitto. Come in and try some!


range of salamisWe have a large range of salamis now - just ready to slice and take home!


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Valley Butchery


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